What is a cookie
A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the computer when a website is visited by a user. The text stores information that the site is able to read in the moment in which it is seen at a later time. Some of these cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the site.

Why this site uses cookies
Our site uses cookies to analyze visitors traffic patterns. We also uses third-party services that in turn use cookies. Here is the list of such services and the link to the individual privacy policies:

  • Google analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc.
  • YouTube e Vimeo are two web platforms that enable viewing and sharing of videos on the internet

Where to find information about how to disable or manage cookies in different browsers:

By disabling cookies, however, the operation of this site may be compromised. Closing the banner on this page or by clicking on the link you consent to the use of cookies. This page was updated on 3 June 2015. Further updates will be published at this link.